Day 1 in Vermont with #CabotFit Team

Hey ya’ll!

I’m back in Baltimore after the most AMAZING trip to Vermont with the CabotFit team. Remember I told you how I couldn’t contain myself over the news? Ahhh, yes, it was everything I thought it would be plus more!

I had a very long, packed weekend so I’m going to break it down day-by-day … hashtag by hashtag

And so the story begins….

Hashtag: #KeepItSimple

Long story short, I think I have a packing problem.

NOTE: It has not been confirmed by my psychologist however it’s just speculation for the time being. ;)


Ten pairs of shoes, six pairs of pants, three shirts, one pair of pj’s and five running outfits later, I somehow miscalculated the number of outfits needed for this trip. It could have been because I was playing hide-n-seek with the kiddos while packing. #FAIL

BUT, I did make it successfully to the Philadelphia Airport on time.

Hashtag: #AirplaneSuccessBAM


And what could be better than…

Hashtag: #BeingwithMyPartnerInCrime

airport baltimore

(Hello Mom!)

An hour later, we arrived in Burlington, VT and took a cab to our hotel.

Hashtag: #BeautifulBurlingtonMarriott


It was breathtaking.

After chilling out for a bit – I freshened up ….

Hashtag: #StinkzNoMore

Dress Up

And met our fantatsic team.

Hashtag: #CabotFit

CabotFit Team

Meet the team:

We started our journey with Craig, the “World’s Best Cheese Grater” (I may or may not have made that title up myself…who knows?) who gave us a mission:

Hashtag: #CheeseDetectives


The truth is, you just do what he says – he does have a knife or cheese plunger thing in his hands…

Hashtag: #WatchOut

He taught us how to use our five senses for cheese.

We learned how to smell certain scents such as pineapple or nut, how to feel different textures and even how to listen for the age of the cheese.

cheese plate

Okay, maybe hearing our cheese wasn’t really taught to be a successful cheese detective but tasting sure was!

Hashtag: #WorldsBestCheddarDoesntGetAnyBetta

Cabot Cheese 387

My favorite comes from the Legacy Collection called Alpine. It’s soft and sweet and would be great on apples!

Hashtag: #GetYourOwnCauseImNOTSharing


Afterwards we were stuffed with even more goodies from the kitchen…


I couldn’t move.

Hashtag: #RollMetToDoor

I did manage to meet up with my mom at the bar before falling into a deep sleep while visions of cows mooed in my head.

Wait – that was the next day.

Hashtag: #VermontIsMootiful

VT Cow

I can’t even begin to describe how cool it really was to be in Vermont with foodie and fitness bloggers alike but I’m going to try.

I’m really *grateful *lucky *happy *blessed that I am able to join in the healthy living movement that Cabot Cheese and their farmers stand for.

Hashtag: #WhatAnHonor

But a story isn’t a story without some ups and downs.

Stay tuned for the upcoming hashtag chapters:

  • Hashtag: #PhotographeroftheFamous
  • Hashtag: #PoopandPuke

To Be Continued…









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