Day 3 #KBVM in Vermont with #CabotFit Team

It is finally here, Day 3 in Vermont.

Hashtag: #Racedayison

Day 1 and Day 2 in Vermont with the Cabot Fit team had been amazing. One of those experience that not everyone gets the chance to have and one you definitely don’t want to miss.

Hashtag: #Riseandshinesunshine

The sun came up on that beautiful Sunday morning and inside I was excited but on the outside I was feeling a little harsh. Two nights partying at the bar, drinking water really hurt me. Seriously, I only drank water (especially for important races) and somehow I still missed out on my precious beauty sleep.

Cabot Cheese 495

I was physically drained from all the activities or mom partying at the bar :) that I almost didn’t hear my alarms! HELLO! I quickly put on my clothes and went down the elevator to meet the team.

Hashtag: herewithoneeyeopen

Race Team

Since my leg wasn’t until 10 am and it was still very early, I thought about curling up in bed again.

Hashtag: #getyourcraptogetherandmoveit

So, I went outside to cheer on our team.

Hashtag: #Therace

The weather honestly could not have been better. The sun was shining, there was a breeze, it was a good morning.

Two of our teammates did the marathon portion and two others did the half marathon. Five of us were in the relay and my portion was at Mile 15.2 for 5.5 miles.

The race was all set.

Cabot Cheese 499

The scenery in Burlington was absolutely stunning.

Cabot Cheese 503

The spectators were amazing.

Cabot Cheese 515

Just kidding.

These spectators.

Cabot Cheese 514

And here I was blown away that I was actually physically there. I never thought I would have the honor of running such an amazing race and to be on the CabotFit team…geez…it was a dream come true.

Hashtag: #pinchmenow

I was also thrilled to share my experience with my best frienders, my mom.

Cabot Cheese 511

The starting line was literally steps away from the hotel and so was my exchange point.

I glanced down my race portion and was ready. Ready to experience things I have never seen before…

Cabot Cheese 512

Hashtag #letthefunbegin

I wish I had photos but then you would probably shut me down and never read my blog again. Instead, you can just tell me thank you.

Hashtag #Theexchange

I waited at mile 15.2 for my runner to come in. There was a flag which indicated the exchange zone and I was the first one there next to the pole. The organizers occasionally asked everyone to stand back but they filled up real quickly. People bombarded the area everywhere. Nobody listened. Spectators were even IN the exchange zone. My mom decided to go to the other side of the exchange so she could see the runner first and indicate it to me.

One runner came into the exchange center and started gagging. Once. Twice. Walked into the crowd, walked back, walked into the crowd. Gag. Gag. Puke.

I heard a few people scream since it was three people over from me, but paid no attention. That had to suck. I was still waiting and on alert.

I saw Carolyn coming in and she screamed my name. I pushed a few people to move and grabbed the bracelet from her. I was off and my mom, well, she was crying because she didn’t see me leave.

Hashtag #Themiles


So, I was running miles 15.2 to 20.7. The time for my first mile was 10:20. Wowza! I thought, I better slow down…I’ve done this before when I go to fast then crash because I have no energy left… but mile 2 was 10:15 and I was still feeling amazing. I was going to keep this up. HOLLA!

Then it happened.

As I was cruising through the woods, an awful smell surrounded me.

I looked around but could not figure it out. Thirty seconds went by and I thought about running faster just to get through…

But then I noticed….

Hashtag #Imblinded

I was running behind a man who put his hand down his shorts. Disaster had struck him.

Hashtag #DidIreallyjustpoopmypantsorwasthatatoot

Hashtag #Poopydrawers

Hashtag #OMG

Next thing I knew, I was puking in the woods.

Hashtag #Whatswrongwiththatgirl

Hashtag #Didshejustseearunnershithimself

There was nothing in this world that could have kept it together for me. It was instant reaction.

I have no clue what happened to the doomed man. I don’t know if he sat in the woods or if he kept running but I did not see him again.

What I do know is that it took me the rest of my run to gain composure. Mile 3 was hard. I’m not going to lie. I dry heaved and tried with all my might to pull it together. I just couldn’t get the site or the smell out of my mind.

Thankfully, we ran through a neighborhood and all the neighbors couldn’t have been friendlier.

Since I didn’t eat anything and it was well after 10 am, I stopped by and say hello. It would have been rude of me not to take a slice of watermelon, orange, freezie pop, water, Gatorade or even a necklace, right? I was blessed this was keeping my mind off of things.

At one point, a neighbor was holding a hose and showering down a 60+ year old man. I screamed, “Move over! I’m jumping in with you!” The sun was now beaming and I was getting an awesome burn tan.

Even as I sit here and tell you about my experience, I’m not sure what happened after the neighborhood or how I ever got to Deanna at the next exchange. All I could recall at those moments was my memory and it was not a pleasant one.

But I made it!

Cabot Cheese 519

Hashtag #feelingrough

There was nobody waiting for me at the end of my portion, but it was an easy walk to the bus area.

When I got off the bus, my mom was standing there with the most fabulous sign ever.

Cabot Cheese 532

Isn’t that what moms are for? To boost your self esteem and make you think you own the world?

Hashtag #mostawesomemomever

We waited at the finish line for the rest of our team to come through but I had to bail. I really needed something to eat. Besides only having coffee for breakfast which ended up in the woods, I was starving.

We spent one more night in Vermont. Pigging out with some good eats…

Cabot Cheese 545

Sharing in some great company..

Cabot Cheese 557

Complaining about my sunburn…

Cabot Cheese 552

And then watching the sunset.

Cabot Cheese 567

It was honestly one of the best trips I have had in a very long time.

From the first day to the last, I enjoyed every minute…minus the woods. :)

I highly recommend signing up on Cabot Cheese email list and waiting for their application process to start again. The friendships and experience are one I will never forget.

Thank you Cabot for all you do for the community and on a personal level, for me.

Disclaimer: I was given a paid trip to Burlington through Cabot Cheese but all thoughts and opinions are my own.








    • mamapoole says:

      I have never been so happy to see any one like I was you! Seeing you was the finish line and that made me super happy :) I can’t even recall if I said anything to you? Good times, Deanna, good times.

    • mamapoole says:

      I laugh now just telling it but when it happened…well, gag. I even had a hard time texting it to Sara!

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